Digital advertising sign solutions

Digital advertising sign solutions

»Application requirements
Digital Signage is a centralized, remote management solution that can customize the display of content according to a preset, contextual, and real-time schedule. Viewers can also influence the displayed content or interact multi-dimensionally in real time. Digital Signage allows users to customize their advertising campaigns to deliver more engaging and relevant content to viewers.

»Proposed Solutions

Digital Signage solution components:
• Kiosks and digital displays.

• Content server (Signage Server)

• Control software (Manager Software)

• Media Player Box (Optional).

Application areas:

Application areas:

• Retail: supermarkets, shopping centers

• Showrooms: fashion, cars, motorbikes..., display, product introduction..., museums, exhibition halls, event organizations

• Medical: hospital, spa,...

• Public areas: airports, train stations, entertainment areas, parks, etc.

• Education: universities, training centers.

• Financial institutions, banks, securities companies

• Factories.

• Group of companies: Corporations, multinational companies, event organizing companies