Christie video wall for NOC, SOC

Christie video wall for NOC, SOC

» Application requirements
• High-quality video display and information feed - operators can monitor, detect and act in real time
• Import and control computer content from anywhere
• Integrate, control and process data from multiple sources - display timely and accurate information
• View content at any size
• Provides instant access to real-time news
• 24/7 safety and reliability

» Proposed Solutions

With control room solutions as customized as the networks they support, Christie helps network operations center (NOC) staff monitor, analyze and act on critical information .
Network operations centers use video wall systems to display activity and huge amounts of information. The display must have clear resolution, operational flexibility and reliable performance. Christie has been providing video wall solutions for over 30 years with the experience and technology you need for your network operations center.

High performance data center and network operations center solutions
Our telecommunications control room display solutions deliver high performance and flexibility, so your control room:
Integration with your existing hardware and software infrastructure enables you to capture and analyze real-time content from multiple inputs in multiple formats and make time-critical decisions with confidence perfect news.
Provide high-quality video display,  ensuring a lean work environment for those you depend on to analyze information and make decisions.
Operate reliably in demanding environments 24/7, with long-lasting, low-maintenance components.
The Christie solution combines ❶ advanced video wall display technology and ❷ a powerful video wall content controller for high reliability and low cost of ownership - giving you the best possible performance in control room solutions.

 Video walls for control rooms

•  Standard sized, stackable video wall display blocks
When image quality and brightness are priorities, along with reliability and longevity in 24/7 environments, Christie ®  Entero ™ HB LEDs based on cubes are designed to do the job.
Different sizes, resolutions and configurations are available in both front and rear
Capable of up to 1,350 lumens - the brightest LED projection for cubes available.


• Màn hình LCD viền siêu hẹp

Expertly built, Christie's reliable and affordable LCD displays deliver outstanding performance for the most demanding applications. The Christie FHD552-X  is an ideal LCD  solution for your control room.


- Durable and reliable for stable operation 24/7
- Screen with ultra-narrow bezels that fits your budget
- Ideal for surveillance centers that require sharp image quality for ease of use and low maintenance

• Christie DLP projector
Depending on your unique space, audience, and lighting requirements, your system design may require an alternative solution. Christie DLP ®  projectors are light efficient and suitable for larger front or rear screen applications, providing consistent, reliable brightness and image uniformity for the life of the projector .

❷  Image processor and processor

Video controllers and video processors make it easy to manage content and information across multiple displays. Christie ® , we are redefining how and where you access that data, who you share it with, and how you display it. Christie offers a full range of video wall controllers for every type of display, so it's easy to find one that suits your needs.

• Christie Phoenix
Christie Phoenix™  is a network distributed information management system designed specifically for control room applications. Simultaneously view, listen, and interact with any information source found in the control room environment, from virtually anywhere. Specified for a wide range of applications - from a single room to complex, multi-room, multi-location installations that can be used by one or thousands of users at once - Christie Phoenix has the modular system and uses one or more hardware nodes to handle both input and output to encode, decode, and display audio-visual data.

• Christie Phoenix EP

Christie Phoenix EP is a network distributed processor that installs directly into compatible Christie displays. It is a compact, efficient and highly scalable solution for managing content on video walls and distributed displays and is ideal for applications such as control rooms, presentation rooms and signage displays. digital.
Providing the same powerful processing features as Christie Phoenix, Phoenix EP enables seamless access and control of audiovisual data from virtually anywhere, through a single powerful system.


• Christie Phoenix Quad-T
The Christie Phoenix Quad-T  extends the capabilities of the Christie Phoenix system by providing additional inputs 

4K , increasing monitoring and control in the most demanding situations.


Built as independent modules, the Christie Phoenix Quad-T is a plug-and-play unit that can be installed anywhere within your Christie Phoenix network to control and encrypt information sources. real-time news. You'll have more flexibility and scalability to get high-quality, remote video and control signals over an IP network, providing your team with more data at once from multiple locations.