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NOC and SOC solutions

» Application requirements
Network Operations Center (NOC) & Security Operations Center (SOC) specializes in monitoring and commanding all activities in the government's defense. Our system has an important role in collecting, analyzing, storing and sharing data among other agencies.

NOC & SOC include:

• LCD videowall system for monitoring and surveillance.

• IP communications (mail, voice, video, web chat, fax...)

• Mobile communication.

• CCTV surveillance cameras.

• Satellite TV, radar.

• LCD Videowall

High-resolution videowalls display live views from security cameras, geometric maps, or other sources. Administrators are responsible for monitoring, managing and commanding through collected data displayed in Video Wall.

Videowall in NOC and SOC

• IP communications

Solution: Core (IPO Media Center), IP network infrastructure and endpoints (IP phones, user mobile devices using Wifi/3G/4G connectivity). With this solution, cross-agency communication for government protection has never been easier.
Security: Data is encrypted with AES 256 bit to protect customers from any breach or data leak.

IP communications in NOC and SOC

• Mobile Contact

Mobile devices are the best choice for government defense due to its mobility, speed and simplicity. Our connectivity solution is High Frequency Radio for long distance communication. With 3G and 4G connectivity, our emergency command platform is the headquarters for inter-agency communications.

Mobile Communications in NOC or SOC

• CCTV Camera Solutions

The important task of CCTV cameras is to monitor government defense, surveillance objects and many other services. Our applications are core systems in the Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy. We provide drones for naval or maritime patrols to help maintain peace at the borders.
All cameras are designed according to IP67 standards, ensuring high quality images with integrated technology such as zoom, pan, wide viewing angle to provide clear images of objects at a distance. Daytime surveillance with Night-Vision infrared eyes helps clearly see targets not only from afar but also in the dark.

Cameras in NOC and SOC

• Satellite TV and radar

Our operations center is integrated with satellite and radar systems to display targets for military or surveillance purposes. Real-time signals are sent continuously from Satellites or radar to the NOC.

Radar in NOC and SOC



» Installation and operation
Below is a sample of our NOC &  SOC images we installed:

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