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» Application requirements
Avaya video technology advances educational opportunities, increases school engagement, and provides students with a new way to learn. Now you can learn from anywhere, anytime, bringing education to every home. Our Video Technology is built using the latest technologies, providing high quality video lessons to students. With the development of terminals, it is easy for users to participate, view and share despite WebRTC's user-friendly simplification. This technology creates an easier way for users to research using a web browser.

" Proposed Solutions
Avaya E-Learning Features:
- Supports many devices: Mobile devices, Ipad, PC and Endpoint.
- Minimum bandwidth is 128Kbps equivalent to 240p.
- Cable or wireless with 3G / 4G / Wifi.
- Supports multi-layout display (Lecture mode).
- Online classes support Word, Powerpoint, image files can be sent to students
- Students or teachers can mute the microphone to focus on the lesson
- Interact with high quality audio/video/content through real time
- Avaya HUD: allows private messaging or private group conversations.
- E-Learning Room is equipped with Avaya hardware for all classroom sizes with 4 digital cameras with 10x optical zoom.

E-Learning Support:
- Real-time two-way video conferencing with fullHD quality
- Record, store and share with Web Portal
- Live streaming
- You can use your smartphone to connect using our app or use the WebRTC interface to join, stream or share. Everything is unified in one interface from Mobile, Ipad to PC. You can use our terminal to extend the connection to more people so they can join

- Leading service in e-learning
- Video service provides multiple terminals to keep video quality stable even when latency is slow.
- User-friendly interface
- Maximize video quality based on your latency.
- Real-time high quality video.
- Always ready.
- Allow third-party software to connect (Mobile, Ipad, PC)
- Good service
- Avaya warranty

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