Starview Vietnam xin kính chào quý khách. Chúc quý khách có một ngày thật là vui vẻ !

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Shipping and Logistics

*Applicable only to customers purchasing in Vietnam.

 Upon completion of the payment process, customers will receive delivery through the following channels:

 Through Viettel Post, VN Post, or other freight companies: 1-3 days in areas within 300km of Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh, and 3-7 days in areas beyond 300km from Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh. 

Via Grab delivery, offering same-day delivery in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

 SHIP COD (Cash on Delivery): Customers receive goods and make payment upon delivery.

Responsibility for Goods

- If Starview designates the shipping service, we assume responsibility for the goods and associated risks, including loss or damage during transportation from Starview to you. 

- It is your responsibility to inspect the goods upon receipt.

 - In case of damage, scratches, breakage, dents, or incorrect items, sign and confirm the status with the delivery staff, then promptly notify the customer service department at 1900 8695. 

- If you sign for the goods without noting any issues, Starview is not liable for return requests based on later discoveries of damage, scratches, breakage, dents, or incorrect items.

 - If you specify and choose the shipping service, you assume responsibility for the goods and associated risks during transportation from Starview to you. You will be responsible for charges and related losses. To safeguard your online shopping rights and avoid potential scams, Starview recommends: 

- Make purchases only through Starview's website, online channels, and official stores.

 - When paying by bank transfer, use only Starview's official account number.

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