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About us



Starview Asia Pty Ltd was registered and officially put into operation in 2011. We are considered one of the leading providers of advanced solutions in the field of audio visual (AV), unified communications, network transmission infrastructure, cloud-based online conferencing, digital advertising, VideoWall LED/LCD specialized display screens, cinema and video processors. At the same time, we also meet the growing demand for home automation, smart living, smart office and IoT solutions. With a strategic vision, we aim to become Reliable and leading partner in the field of digital technology and automation.

We are committed to providing high quality products and services, meeting customer needs and complying with international standards. By continuously improving our capabilities and expanding our scope of operations, we aim to affirm our leading position in the Vietnamese market and expand our presence in strategic markets such as Australia, the UK and the Southeast Asian region. Asia Pacific region.






With the mission of continuous research and development, STARVIEW ASIA aims to become a leading enterprise, committed to bringing innovative and higher quality products to the market. We are dedicated to applying the most advanced technology to serve human life and actively contribute to the social community and ecological environment. We make an important contribution to the development of the countries in which we operate.

At Starview Asia, we firmly oppose all forms of racism, gender inequality, war and human crimes. This is our commitment to building a work and social environment of equality, justice and solidarity.

We consider ourselves not only a successful company, but also a source of inspiration and a trusted partner in building a better world. We believe that technology and sustainable development must go hand in hand with social responsibility, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to realizing that vision.



These core values are the guiding principles for Starview in providing high quality products and services, promoting innovation, adapting to change, creating a positive working environment and maintaining the principles of innovation. ethical principles and proper responsibility.

  1. Continuous innovation: Establish and promote a culture of continuous innovation. Create conditions for the company's collective team to think and explore new ideas. Invest in research and development to provide increasingly innovative and higher quality products and services.
  2. Customer focus: Put customers at the center of the company's strategy. Grasp and understand clearly the needs, difficulties and desires of customers. Proud to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations. Build a process for gathering continuous feedback and applying improvements based on that feedback.
  3. Flexible and adaptive: Adjust and adapt to rapidly changing market and customer requirements. Keep up with new technology trends, industry trends and the competitive environment. Develop a flexible and adaptable mindset within your team.
  4. Recruit and develop talent: Invest in attracting and retaining top talent in the industry. Build a diverse and talented team that shares the company's vision and values. Provide development and upskilling opportunities to encourage innovation and excellence.
  5. Enhance scalability: Design products, processes, and infrastructure with scalability in mind. Anticipate and prepare for future growth, ensuring that your technology and operations can scale smoothly. Plan for scalability from an early stage to avoid limitations and facilitate expansion.


    6. Strong finances: Build and maintain a solid financial strategy. Manage financial resources effectively, ensuring sustainability in the company's operations. Seek sponsorship opportunities, partners and diversify revenue sources to ensure financial stability and future expansion.

7. Equality, respect and cooperation: Place the principles of equality and respect for differences at the heart of the company's operations. Ensure a fair and diverse work environment and encourage cooperation and collaboration among members of the organization. Respect different views and opinions, appreciate everyone's contributions and build a harmonious and united working environment.

8. Humanistic technology: Aim to use technology to meet human needs and solve problems. Create meaningful, value-added products and services that benefit the community. Ensure that technology is applied ethically and responsibly, without negatively impacting people's lives and rights.



Starview Asia is proud to own a team of experts from Australia, Singapore, UK and Vietnam, with more than ten years of experience in the field of research and development of audio visual (AV) technology solutions, Collaboration Application, Automation. We are also the leading system integration partner of the world's leading brands in Audio Visual technology, Unified Communications, Automation, IoT, Cloud Computing such as: CISCO SYSTEM; AVAYA INC; CHRISTIE DIGITAL US; JUPITER INC; TUYA, LEYARD….

With R&D centers in Australia and Vietnam and factories in China, Vietnam and Australia in the future, Starview Asia aims to bring customers optimal, high-quality products and solutions. best in applications such as: Smart Home, Smart Office, Automation Building, High-end home entertainment system (Home Cinema & Audio Entertainment), high-end technology accessories ( IT Accessories)... Along with that are products and solutions for businesses and governments such as ITS, VMS for Intelligent Traffic, Cloud Digital Signage, Cloud Online Meeting, LED/LCD Video Wall, Video Image Processor, display solutions. display in NoC, SoC command/operation center applications...



We advise and provide total solutions for networks, renewable energy, unified communications, multimedia imaging applications and information security and monitoring system management. Along with that are professional solutions for 3D Simulation display, Command central C4I, network transmission infrastructure, professional presentation Video Wall, AI Camera, Video Conferencing for businesses... Starview Asia especially focuses on automation and smart life applications. Automation & Smart Life.

• Smart Life solution: is a smart home solution, including smart home devices designed in complete detail and upgrade kit combos (upgrading from a normal home to a smart home) depending on the needs. scale and customer needs. Smart Life also supports applications for Smart Office and Home Cinema entertainment.

• S-Cloud video conferencing solution: perfectly designed to help organizations/businesses easily convert any room into a video collaboration center, online meeting room for work... S -Cloud also meets the needs and features of E-leaning education and training.

• SOC, C4I solutions, specialized monitor systems to monitor and command all activities: applications in national defense and government security. STARVIEW's system will play an important role in collecting, analyzing, storing and sharing data between different agencies.

• Video wall solutions for NOC, SCADA, high quality video display and information feed. Operators can monitor, detect and act in real time, and control data content from anywhere. Integrate, control and process information from multiple sources, displaying information promptly and accurately

• Starview remote medical examination and treatment support solution: ideal for remote treatment, meeting requirements and standards in Vietnam. This solution is built as a control center using the latest technology hardware and software, allowing remote medical consultations, consulting or specialized training for medical staff...

• Intelligent traffic system solutions ITS, VMS Intelligent Traffic, renewable energy applications, control in Smart City and Automation Building.

• Digital Signage solution: helps customers centrally manage remotely, can improvise and display content according to pre-set schedules, according to context, in real time. Viewers can also influence the displayed content or interact multi-dimensionally. This solution allows users to customize their advertising campaigns to deliver more engaging and relevant content to viewers.




  • Home Automation
  • Home Cinema
  • Audio Conference
  • Video Conference
  • Video Wall Processor
  • Telemedicine
  • LED Video Wall
  • LCD Video Wall
  • Digital Signage
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Desktop & Touch Monitor
  • DLP Projection Video Wall
  • Network Devices
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Accesories





• S-Cloud Online Meeting - Virtualization MCU: Online meeting service based on cloud computing technology (Cloud), providing customers with high-quality multi-point video conferencing solutions with up to Full resolution HD 1080p, at a very low cost compared to investing in MCU hardware infrastructure yourself. Instead of investing in the entire infrastructure including End Point terminals and MCU control devices, customers only need to buy End Point and register to use STARVIEW ASIA's S-Cloud Online Meeting with many suitable options. with the financial capacity of the business. This solution is completely free if customers use Starview branded Video and Audio Conference products.

• S-Cloud Digital Signage: Design service for businesses that want to develop a digital advertising strategy through a system of interconnected screens and transmitting information via the Internet with computing technology Cloud Digital Signage cloud. Businesses can deliver advertising content, schedule and interact with customers around the world with just one Internet connection. Automated sales systems using AI robots will help businesses distribute products to all customers around the world. This service is provided completely free of charge if customers use Starview branded hardware such as LCD screens, LED screens, vending KIOSK, AI robots...




  Level 40 140 Williams Street, 
  Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

  7 Amber Lane Ilford, Essex IG6 2AU, UK
  +44 7714 472281

  Ha Noi
  R10, 33th Floor, C2 Building, D'Capitale,
  119 Tran Duy Hung Street, 
  Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam

  Ho Chi Minh
  #C9-16, Block A, Sky Center Building,
  #10 Pho Quang Street, 
 Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam

  Tel: (024) 66661268
  Sale Contact: 0866.207.855





























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