Christie 3D simulation

Christie 3D simulation

»Application requirements

At SVA, we understand the big picture when creating visualization solutions. From entertainment to training, we know the challenges each environment can bring.
As an industry leader, we have developed visualization and simulation solutions for markets such as:
•  Car
•  Architecture, engineering and construction 
•  Medical Education and Training
•  Energy
•  Government and infrastructure
•  Museums & Entertainment
•  Bioscience and technology
•  Transportation and training

»  Proposed SolutionsChristie's visualization solutions have the power and flexibility to create images in any size or resolution to meet your design goals. With our advanced and intuitive immersive display solutions, you have the option of a standard solution to meet your requirements.
Standard visualization solutions provide:
• Integrate 3D technology faster and easier
•  Most realistic visualization with high-resolution, stereoscopic projection Christie  ®  3DLP  ®
•  Watch smooth, comfortable 3D with high refresh rates at 120HzFaster, interact more intuitively with data with motion tracking and interactivity
•  Compatibility with real-time 3D computer graphics
•  Ultra-high resolution in a compact footprint
•  Access simple, immediate technology with turnkey solutions
• Warranty, service and support offer industry-leading reliable technology, Worry-Free Reliable Technology.

❶ Christie Cave™ solution - room-sized immersive environments
Christie CAVE™ is an advanced, compact room-sized visualization solution that combines our renowned 3-chip DLP® stereoscopic projection with motion tracking, interactivity and real-time capabilities. 3D computer graphics. This complete solution creates a broad vision to enhance teamwork, discovery, and faster, more accurate decision-making. Providing active stereo projection for advanced 3D performance at low operating costs, Christie CAVE delivers high performance, high performance 3D visualization with low maintenance and low cost of ownership.
Christie CAVE (TM) - 4:3 aspect ratio
Christie CAVE(TM) - high resolution, compact 1:1 aspect ratio
Available as a standard 8' x 8' configuration with a 4:3 aspect ratio or a high resolution 8-channel configuration, 8' x 10'6", both Christie CAVE offers an intuitive system Compact footprint allows our visualization technology to be deployed in limited environments, and optimized solutions enable rapid deployment. Lightweight for quick installation but rugged for completeness structural integrity, the design combines projection, display, tracking and interactive technology in an all-inclusive package.

❷  Christie HoloStage® Mini solution - immersive environmental space

The Christie HoloStage® Mini is a complete visualization solution that is economical, compact and easy to deploy. It features Christie's high-resolution 3-chip DLP® stereoscopic projection combined with motion tracking, interactivity and real-time 3D computer graphics for an immersive experience. Designed for a compact space with a soft screen wall and wooden floor, Christie HoloStage Mini enhances exploration and decision-making while keeping costs and space requirements low.
Footprint fits into standard 10ft office spaces and provides display, monitoring and audio for a complete visual solution optimized for rapid integration. Capable of supporting both active and passive stereo, the result is visualization with impact - sharp, detailed images, excellent color with brightness uniformity and controllability.

❸  Christie HoloStation Solution

You don't need a huge space to create a visually immersive workstation with high impact. Christie ®  HoloStation ® delivers high-resolution 3D and high performance with a low profile.
With all the full-size visualization of Christie CAVE™, HoloStation is a powerful and efficient visualization solution with a compact footprint.
HoloStation features include:
• Footprint 85 x 108 x 101
• High-performance 3D stereo imaging
• Powerful, super high-resolution display
• Based on 3DLP ® technology
• 120Hz native frame rate with active stereo projection
• Dual image processing and full Dual-DVI bandwidth
• Displays up to 16.8 megapixels of data
• Combined with perspective head tracking and interaction tools - content reflects the user's perspective

Our standard imaging packages include:

•  Christie Mirage J Series or M Series projectors
•  Two high-performance 330 MHz wideband dual-link DVI-D inputs per projector
•  Built-in conversion of frame-locked passive stereo sources to high-performance active stereo at 120Hz without the need for a converter

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❹   LEVEL 4  Regional / National ITS System Design and Implementation: Fully Integrated ITS Setup

The complete integration of all segments of the ITS leads to the creation of an ITS that serves international/national/regional structures and provides full use of all installed subsystems, Collect/process national traffic flow data and harmonize traffic on a broad basis